The Slim Jim service line marker is a drivable, low profile, economical marker designed to identify service lines, meters, valves and other property where low profile or temporary identification is desired. The modified "T" design remains flexible in virtually all weather conditions, withstanding vehicle impacts, livestock contact, vandalism and other abusive conditions. Its reinforced fiberglass composite construction is superior to conventional wood lath or wire flag products. Decals or reflective sheeting can be applied to the face of the Slim Jim marker to enhance the identification.

Other applications for the Slim Jim include an extension snow pole for existing roadside metal delineators (road markers). In snow areas, i.e. northern states and higher elevations, the steel delineator can get covered up with snow plow drifts. By attaching the Slim Jim to the existing road marker in the fall, before the snow fall, then removing it in the spring, this provides an extension, above the snow drift, so the snow plow operator can see where the road marker is and avoid hitting it with the plow blade.
Slim Jim

Material: Glass Reinforced Composite
Weight: 0.129 lbs per foot
Standard Lengths: 36, 48, 60, 72, 84 & 96 inch
Width: 1 Inch
Standard Colors:  Orange, Yellow, Blue & Black

Custom colors or lengths available upon request
Quantum Flex™ Slim Jim
Snow Pole / Service Line Marker
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Recommended Installation for Snow Pole Application
Insert and hold the Slim Jim marker into existing metal delineator post. Insure that the Slim Jim marker extends all the way to the ground between the metal delineator post and the face plate. Insert self-drilling and tapping screws from the back of the delineator marker into the Slim Jim marker until secure.

Note: Securing the Slim Jim to the delineator marker with screws is optional and may not be necessary.
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Ideal for low profile marking or to Identify pedestals or similar equipment
Optional reflective sheeting or printed decals can be applied to meet your specific applications
Cross Sectional Profile
Decal Examples