Our underground detectable warning tapes are 5 mils thick and consist of a triple layer lamination. The center aluminum core is sandwiched between a top layer  of  100% virgin polypropylene and a bottom layer of  100% virgin polyethylene. The printing and graphics are subsurface and are  protected from being scraped off or erased. Available  in 2, 3 and 6 widths X 1000 foot rolls.

Our underground non-detectable warning tape is 4 mil 100% virgin polyethylene. We use organic pigments specifically designed to maintain their color when exposed to moist soil or harsh environmental conditions. These tapes contain no heavy metals or chromates. Available in 3 and 6 widths X 1000 foot rolls.
Super Stretch

Our underground super stretch non-detectable warning tape is 6 mil 100% virgin low density polyethylene that is produced using lead free organic pigments. Capable of stretching over 750% before breaking.  Excellent for plowing into the ground for long distances. Available  in  3 and 6 widths X 1000 or 6000 foot rolls.  Available in orange only.
Woven Reinforced

Our Woven Reinforced non-detectable warning tape is 6.5 mil 100% virgin low density polyethylene. This is our strongest tape. The extra strength reduces legend distortion when plowing or digging up. Also an excellent above ground barricade tape when extra strength is needed. Available  in 3 & 6 X 1000 or 6000 foot rolls. Available in orange or yellow only.
Barricade Tape

Our 2.5 mil above ground barricade tape is the perfect economical solution for alerting the public of temporary, hazardous or restricted areas. Available in 3 and 6 X 1000 foot rolls. Most industrial and municipal legends are readily available.

Generic and custom legends and graphics are available in the following APWA colors:  Blue - Water, Green - Sewer,  Red - Electrical,  Purple - Reclaimed Water,  Yellow - Gas,   Orange - Telecommunications
Above Ground Barricade Tape
Underground Marking Tape
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