D-375 Post Driver for Composite Markers
Marker Installation


Step 1:Remove marker from packaging and insert into driver with pointed end exposed.

Step 2:Turn driver and marker to vertical and plumb position. Installer should always be facing on coming traffic.

Step 3:Drive marker into the ground with light taps. Bracing your foot against the post may help stabilize the marker.
When installing Quantum Flex™ Markers, it is recommended that you use a Quantum Flex D-375 post driver. The driver is easy to use and greatly reduces the installation time. The D-375 post driver will fit both the QM-375 and the QM-250 marker profile. No need to carry 2 separate installation tools if working with both marker styles. The D-375 post driver holds the marker rigid during the installation process, preventing the marker from flexing. This concentrates the driving energy through the marker into the soil thereby allowing the marker to be driven into very hard soil conditions.

Quantum Drivers are made in the USA and are constructed of welded steel with a bright high visible orange powder coat finish for durability. The driver weighs 21 pounds, is 45 inches in length and has easy grip handles for ease of handling.
Installation of Quantum Flex markers are fast and easy
D-375  Flexible Post Driver
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Installation Instructions
QM-375 & QM-250
Composite Markers
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Optional Soil Anchor Barb
Optional Soil Anchor Barb
For loose or sandy soil conditions, an optional soil anchor barb can be attached to the base of the marker
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