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For applications requiring enhanced 360° visibility, the QM-360 is the perfect solution. The unique triangular configuration enhances the overall visibility of the Warning Message by clearly displaying a 3 dimensional message in all directions. Originally developed as an accessory for the Quantum Flex QM-375 marker, it can also be used on other posts such as steel U-Channel or as a wrap-a-round on a 4 X 4 wood post. Constructed of durable polyethylene, the QM-360 enhancer is weather and impact resistant and quickly attaches to the installed composite marker or steel U-Channel post.

The QM-360 enhancer ships and stores flat, folding into a 3 dimensional triangular shape during installation. This allows for cost effective and convenient shipping, storing and transporting of the product to the job site. Warning messages can be printed directly on the panels, or the unit can be supplied blank and decals can be applied to the panels.
Quantum Flex™ QM-360
Pipeline & Cable Marker
Visibility Enhancement Top
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Quantum Marketing Group is a leading supplier of flexible delineation, and underground utility identification products
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Fold Enhancer into Triangle and attached to Marker or Post
Use Enhancer as a template to drill post
Open Top Design
Stores and stacks flat.
Warning message can be printed directly on the unit.
Fold panel into triangular
shape and attach to the
installed marker.
Enhancer is supplied
with holes that can be
used as a template to
field drill existing marker.
Can be pop riveted
or fastened with a nut
and bolt assembly
Open top and bottom
design does not
attract bees or other
nesting insects
Stores and stacks flat. Reduces
shipping and storage costs. Takes
up less space.
Warning message can be printed directly on the unit or decals can be
applied to blank panel.
Quantum Flex™
Visibility Enhancement Top
QM-360 Specifications
Material: Corona Treated HDPE (Hi Density Polyethylene)

Standard Size: 16” X 16.375 wide (Unfolded)

Thickness: .055”

Scoring: .125” scored on 4” panels for easy folding

Pre drilled with four 3/16” diameter holes

1” High Bond adhesive tape applied to first panel. Aids installation

Minimum order for custom printing: 100 units

Standard Color: Orange

Custom colors available:

White, Black, Ref ex Blue, Med. Blue, Emerald Green, Red, Yellow, Gray
4” scored sections fold to make triangular shape. Last panel folds under first panel so it is blank on printed version. The warning message can be printed directly on the unit, or decals under 16” length can be applied to blank panels separately.
Designed to fit the Quantum Flex QM-375 marker to enhance overall visibility. Can also be used with most marker profiles less than 4” wide including wood post and steel U-Channel post.
Designed to fit the QM-375 Composite Marker
QM-360 Views
Visibility Enhancer