Various Sizes & Colors
High-quality PVC Marking Flags are ideal for aboveground marking in a variety of industries. From utility construction to line locating, hardware to forestry, landscaping and lawn care to pet containment - these flags ensure consistent communication and long-lasting visibility for your project.

Bright inks for high visibility
Long-lasting material colors
Wind tear resistant for high performance at or below -40 F
Flag is glued to staff not wrapped
Back-of-flag fold creates a larger print area
Colored PVC staffs available for enhanced visibility
All APWA colors provided.

Sold in Box Quantities (1000 per box)
Printed and non-printed
flags available
Flag Colors:

Ink Colors

Staff Options

Wire - 16 gauge steel:
15"  18"  21"  24"  30"  36"

Plastic - 1/8" PVC Plastic:
18"  21"  24"

Fiberglass - .080" dia.
18"  24"

Flag Sizes

2 " x 3 "


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Temporary Marking Flags
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Marking Whiskers
6" Whisker Markers are an ideal alternative marking choice for survey and construction sites, underground utility locating and many other uses. Virtually indestructible, these APWA color-coded Whiskers spring back up when run over by heavy equipment. They are easily attached to wood stakes or to 60-penny nails (not included). Use them alone or in conjunction with other marking products. Sold in Box Quantities (1000 per box)
Nail Installation
Insert a 60-penny nail through the circular opening of the metal clip, then hammer the nail into the ground.
Stake Installation
Hammer the wood stake into the ground. Hold the Whisker Marker at the end opposite the metal clip and hammer the metal clip into the top of the wood stake.
Marking Whiskers
60-Penny Nail
Wood Stake
Installation options
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Buried Fiber Optic
Buried Fiber Optic Cable
Buried Fiber Optic Cable Below
Buried Fiber Optics Below
Buried Fiber Optics Line
Buried Fire Alarm
Buried Gas
Buried Gas Line
Buried Natural Gas Line
Buried Reclaimed Water Line
Buried Sewer Line
Buried Storm Sewer
Buried Water
Buried Water Line
Buried Water Line Below
Catv Fiber Optic
Caution (Ant Picture) Fire Ants
Caution Buried Cable
Caution Buried Cable Tv
Caution Buried Catv
Caution Buried Drain Tile Hand Dig Only
Caution Buried Electric
Caution Buried Electric Cable
Caution Buried Electric Line
Caution Buried Electrical Cable
Caution Buried Electrical Dog Fence
Caution Buried Fiber
Caution Buried Fiber Optic Cable
Caution Buried Fiber Optic Lines Please Hand Dig
Caution Buried Gas
Caution Buried Gas Line
Caution Buried Gas Pipeline

Caution Buried Gas Pipeline Hand Dig
Caution Buried Gasline Hand Dig
Caution Buried Pipeline
Caution Buried Power
Caution Buried Power Cable
Caution Buried Telephone Cable
Caution Fiber Optic Cable
Caution Fiber Optic Cable Below
Caution Fiber Optic Cable Buried Below
Caution Gas Line
Caution Gas Line Below
Caution Irrigation Line Buried Below
Caution Natural Gas
Caution Pesticide Application
Caution Poison Oak
Caution Research Site
Caution Sensitive Lines Nearby
Caution Sewer Line Below
Caution Telecom Fiber Optic Cable Hand Dig
Caution Underground Powerline
Caution!!! Aviso!!! Wildlife Control Trapping In Progress
City Sewer
City Water
County Sewer
Danger Buried Electric Line
Danger Buried Electrical Cable
Danger Buried Gas Line
Danger Electric Cable
Danger Fire Ants
Danger Keep Off

Danger Open Hole
Danger Peligro
Danger Tree No Work Zone
Danger! Trap Keep Away!
Fiber Optic
Fiber Optic Cable
Fire Ants!
Fire Mail Water Supply
For Your Safety Hand Dig Danger Buried Electric Cable
Gas Caution Buried Pipeline Hand Dig Only
Gas Installation
Gas Line
Gas Line Buried Below
Gas Route Keep Clear 10' Radius
High Pressure Gas
Natural Gas
Natural Gas Line
No Water
No Water Line Below
Proposed Excavation Route Gas
Proposed Gas Construction
Proposed Gas Line
Proposed Gas Line Location
Public Works
Reclaimed Water
Reclaimed Water Hand Dig
Rural Water
Set Gas Meter Here
Sewer Line Below
Sewer Line Buried Below
Underground Gas Line Before Digging Call
Underground Sewer Utility
Warning Buried Fiber Optic Cable
Warning Buried Fiber Optic Cable Below
Warning Buried Gas Line
Warning Fiber Optic
Warning Fiber Optic Cable
Waste Water
Water All Plants Immediately Daily
Water Line
Water Line Below
Water Line Buried Below
Water Line Hand Dig
Water Main
Water Main Below
Water Meter

Water Meter Don't Bury
Water Meter Installation
Warning Pesticide Applied
Warning Underground Power Lines
Warning Buried Telephone Cable Below
Warning Buried Cable
Warning Buried Gas Line
Warning Natural Gas Pipeline
Warning Fiber Optic
Warning Fiber Optic Cable
Warning Underground Electric Cable
Warning Buried Cable Below
Warning Buried Fiber Optic Cable
Warning Buried Traffic Signal Cable
Available Standard Flag Legends
Screen charges do not apply to the following legends
Live Print Area for Printed Marking Flags
The following images are not to scale and are only meant to give an idea of the space your artwork or message takes up on the flag. 

5x8 flag with a 3.75" x 4.5" live print area 
                  4x5 flag with a 3" x 3.5" live print area         2x3 flag with a 1.125" x 1.5"
                                                                                                                                                       live print area
5X8 print area
4 X 5 print area
2 X 3 print area
Printed & non printed styles
Marking Flags
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