A two terminal cathodic protection test station that doubles as a cost effective, durable, flexible pipeline marker. Manufactured from a continuous glass fiber reinforced polyester composite, this non conductive, above ground test station has been designed to provide trouble free monitoring of electrical currents & potentials on underground pipelines & other metallic structures. Flexible, composite construction greatly reduces the likelihood of knocked down or damaged test stations due to vandalism or equipment exposure. Dual purpose design eliminates the added cost of placing a test station & a pipeline marker at your test location. Sleek, low profile terminal access does not draw unwanted attention to the marker. The Test-O-Flex looks like a standard pipeline marker, thus reducing sabotage and / or vandalism.
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Test-O-Flex cathodic test station
Test-O-Flex Test Station allows for easy monitoring
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Quantum Marketing Group is a leading supplier of flexible utility markers for identifying buried pipelines, cables and other utilities
Quantum Test-O-Flex™
Cathodic Protection Test Station
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Quantum Test Stations are constructed from a fiberglass reinforced composite which is ultraviolet resistant and temperature stable. They will not become brittle when cold or soften under heat, thereby remaining flexible in virtually all weather conditions.

Solid color impregnated throughout the test station. Never needs painting!  Will not  fade and crack like thermoplastic or conduct electricity like metal test stations. The Test-O-Flex is securely anchored with a factory supplied soil anchor, thereby reducing the likelihood of pull out.

Capable of  withstanding  substantial field abuse. Returns upright after vehicle & livestock impacts, thus greatly reducing the added cost of maintenance associated with marker repair or replacement.

The test points are easily accessible for fast readings. No cumbersome caps or covers to remove that are often lost or stolen.

Designed to accommodate a warning message on both sides of the marker, thereby serving as a dual purpose test station and pipeline marker all in one. Can also be used as a tracer wire access point for conductive locating of non-metallic pipelines.

Strong composite material is 75% lighter than steel & 10 times stronger than typical thermoplastic.  Easily stores and transports to the job site.

Capable of withstanding small grass fires and controlled ditch burns. Will not soften and melt like common plastic.
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