Material: Glass Reinforced Polyester Composite
  Weight: 0.60 lbs per foot
*Standard Length: 66 inch
  Width: 3  15/16 inch
*Standard Color: Yellow

*Custom colors or lengths available upon request
Test points consist of 4" copper tubes that are crimped with a standard wire tool for fast and convenient installation.
Test Points
Contact Points are located in a 1" notch, 1" from the top of the test station. Dual sided, recessed web surface offers decal protection in the event of vehicle impacts.
Soil Anchor
Test-O-Flex is supplied with a pull out resistant soil anchor. The composite soil anchor is riveted to the test station at the factory. 
Test-O-Flex Includes: marker post, standard 1 color generic warning decal, anchor assembly, copper contact points and cathodic protection ID decal. Prewired test station is optional.

The test station can be prewired to your specifications. Custom decals are also available upon request.
Copper terminal tube insert
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Soil Anchor for Test-O-Flex Cathodic Test Station
Test-O-Flex Cathodic Protection Test Station
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Test-O-Flex Dimensions
3 15/16"
Test-O-Flex Dimensions
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